DF-A0048 — HF Direction Finding Antenna

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DF-A0048 is a lightweight, collapsible HF direction finding antenna for tactical or fixed site Watson-Watt or 3-chan correlative interferometric DF.

The antenna consists of two identical loop antennas arranged in a “crossed-loop” configuration with a large 1.6 m diameter to achieve high sensitivity. The loops use of patented cancelling technology to eliminate cross-polarization disturbances from on-horizon sources to increase reliability and accuracy in real-world applications and field trials over traditional crossed-loop designs.

DF-A0048 also provides an omnidirectional sense signal for monitoring and resolving the 180 degree angle-of-arrival ambiguity inherent in crossed-loop type DF antennas.

The antenna and quadpod are made from lightweight materials, collapsible for easy deployment in the field and stow compactly for transport. DF-A0048 can also be bolted to a plinth for semi-permanent installations.

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