KUA-35/7-T — HF Adjustable Wire Dipole Antenna

Posted on May 2, 2020

The antenna KUA-35/7-T is tactical HF adjustable wire dipole antenna for the frequency range from 2 to 30 MHz. It is intended for use with portable and manpack HF radio stations.

The antenna is primarily designed to be erected as "inverted V" or in specific cases as "long wire" antenna. The antenna could be supported by trees or similar objects or could be used with some appropriate tactical portable mast such as ST series of fiberglass masts.

The antenna is composed of center dipole junction box and two dipole wire elements calibrated with marker sleeves indicating the length necessary for particular frequency. The dipole wire elements are wound on the polypropylene reels which are used also as insulators.

Each dipole element has 15 m of nylon rope for fixing it on ground through the anchors. The antenna comprises also 24 m raising rope with throwing weight for erecting and two coaxial cables for connection the antenna to radio station. In special cases the antenna could be erected as long wire antenna using only one dipole element. One end of the element is connected on the radio set and the other end is spread toward the direction of communication. For that specific case of antenna some special elements are included such as grounding anchor and BNC - two pole adapter connector.

All parts of the antenna are made of materials tested on MIL- 810-C standards. A special kevlar reinforced wire is used for dipole wire elements. All metal parts are made of stainless steel or they are galvanicaly protected. All elements are packed in a linen bag suitable for transport.