STV-CL — Aluminum/Stainless Steel Clamps

Posted on April 13, 2020

Clamps STV-CL/105x110A and STV-CL/128x110A are made of black anodized aluminum parts and stainless steel. The complete clamp is composed of three equal aluminum rounded parts, connected together with shafts, and hinches. 

All three parts are coated with the plastic layer, (enabling good sliding of the mast's tube) in order to enable good mast tube grip and protect the mast surface.

When the mast tube is laid down to the clamp's middle part, the clamp can be locked by closing the other two parts, and locking the clamp with the big star handled, threaded screw. Turning the star handle makes heavy pressure on the mast section while the three-part clamp design enables this pressure to be equally spaced across the mast section surface. 

TRIVAL Antene has delivered hundreds of such clamps around the world. They are mainly used for transportation purposes on the top of the vehicle/shelter as well as for the vertical attachment of the mast to the side of the vehicle.

The STV Clamp is capable of working in harsh environmental conditions (low and high temperatures, vibrations, sand, dust).