Radio-controlled improvised explosive devices are a serious threat in many locations. When you have boots on the ground in hostile territory, you'll want to have all of your bases covered. The antennas listed below have counter-RCIED abilities, among other applications. 




These groundplane independent vehicle antennas cover a wide variety of bands.  There are many more of these powerful antennas, including those for military COMMs bands shown in a similar position on the Tactical COMMs page of this site.  Contact us if your needs differ.

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20-6000 MHz 150W: OMNI-A0193
100-520 MHZ 200W: OMNI-A0081
500-800 MHz High gain 50W: OMNI-A0162
400-4000 MHz 50W: OMNI-A0105
GSM 820-960, 1700-2000 MHz 10W: DIPL-A0037
GSM 850-960, 1700-2500 MHz 30W: OMNI-A0144
GSM 820-960, 1700-2200 MHz Covert 50W: OMNI-A0152
GSM 900, 1800, 1900 50W: OMNI-A0090
GSM 850, 1800, 1900 50W: OMNI-A0115
2-2.5 GHz 50W: OMNI-A0086 
2.4-2.5 GHz High gain 50W: OMNI-A0130
2-6 GHz 50W: OMNI-A0116
5.4-5.9 GHz 50W: OMNI-A0129
DC-8 GHz Magnetic Mount: MISC-A0051



WIDEBAND_MANPACK.pngCovering all of the frequencies of interest in a manpack jammer or CREW system is an engineering challenge.  These wideband antennas the optimize the size/gain/bandwidth trade space, creating effective compact wideband antennas that can handle power.  

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20-520 MHz 20W: OMNI-A0124
20-500 MHz 50W: OMNI-A0180
20-500 MHz 30W: WB25512R
420-2700 MHz 20W: OMNI-A0148
400-4000 MHz 50W: OMNI-A0083
500-6000 MHz 80W: OMNI-A0265
850-960, 1700-2500 MHz High gain 30W: OMNI-A0140
868-2500 & 5400-5800 MHz 30W: OMNI-A0125
2-6 GHz 50W: DIPL-A0059



MULTIBAND_MANPACK.pngCounter insurgency (COIN) operations mean boots on the ground patrolling in small units. Often a CREW system is employed for force protection. These compact multiband antennas are ideal for suppressing signals in commonly encountered commercial frequency bands.  Many varieties are available. If you don't see one for your needs, please contact us.  

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820-960, 1700-2000 MHz GSM 10W: DIPL-A0038
GSM 900 1800 1900 Tri-band 50W: OMNI-A0134
868-2500, 5400-5800 MHz 30W: OMNI-A0125
2-2.5 GHz S-band 50W: OMNI-A0089
2.2-2.4 GHz High gain 50W: OMNI-A0132
2.4-2.5 GHz High gain 10W: OMNI-A0154
5.2-5.9 GHz High gain 10W: OMNI-A0153




This covert, ultra-wideband antenna system is designed for high power transmissions for convoy protection, counter-RCIED and VIP protection. Possessing excellent omnidirectional radiation pattern, these systems provide 360° protection covering up to a 300:1 frequency range without significant elevation break-up. They provide four separate antenna connections with overlapping frequency ranges that allow a wide range of transmitters and signal suppression hardware to be used. 

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20-6000 MHz 200 W: OMNI-A0082 



WIDEBAND_VEHICLE_ANTENNAS.pngWhip monopoles are often employed for low frequency jamming by taking advantage of the vehicle to act as the groundplane. These compact monopoles handle plenty of 100% duty cycle power handling for C-IED and jamming duties.

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20-180 & 500-3000 MHz 120W: OMNI-A0221
25-140 MHz 250W: MONO-A0030
20-100 MHz 120W: MONO-A0062
100-600 MHz 120W: MONO-A0063



WIDEBAND_MONOPOLE_ANTENNAS.pngMany suppression and jamming systems have broadband feeds. These low profile monopoles can be mounted on conducting vehicle surfaces to provide simple cable hook-ups without need for power limiting diplexers.

Click part number for datasheet:
400-3000 MHz 200W: MONO-A0021
100-600 MHz 1 kW: MONO-A0022
500-1000 MHz 1 kW: MONO-A0023
500-6000 MHz 200W: MONO-A0064
850-6000 MHz 100W: MONO-A0035
1-3 GHz 250W: MONO-A0024