AD-19/C-3512 — Wideband VHF/UHF LPDA

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Antenna AD-19/C-3512 is a wideband log-periodic dipole antenna intended for tactical use on VHF/UHF frequency range from 30 to 512 MHz. Antenna has 18 half-wave long dipole elements which together with boom length enable constant gain over the whole frequency range. The antenna is primarily constructed for tactical/transportable use.

The antenna is composed of boom made of square aluminum alloy tubes where wire elements are connected on. Coaxial connector is mounted at the beginning of the boom. On both ends of the boom are special tubes together with strong Dyneema rope make final form of the antenna with dipoles. Wire elements are connected with rope with elastic ropes. When the rope is tightened the antenna makes its normal shape. After work the streching rope should be released and the antenna together with the wire elements can be stowed to transport position inside the canvas transport bag.

The antenna could be mounted on appropriate antenna masts through built-in bracket which also enables simple change of polarization. For tactical use the winch driven telescopic mast type STV is strongly recommended.

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