DF-A0069 — Vehicle Adcock DF Antenna

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The DF-A0069 is a wideband vehicle-mounted Adcock DF antenna intended for direction-finding from 20 to 3000 MHz.

The antenna uses a combination of crossed-loop and Adcock array principles for the various bands that provide the maximum possible sensitivity for its compact form factor. The loop designs incorporate patent pending technology to mitigate cross-pol disturbance. Each band offers an omni-channel output that can also be used for monitoring.

The antenna presents patterns suitable for the Watson-Watt estimation method, as well as 3 channel correlative DF (CIDF).

Band switching is done by a switch integrated into the antenna. Limiters are used to prevent damage to the switch from strong nearby transmitters. An electronic compass and noise source for switch calibration is integrated into the switch.

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