OMNI-C010 — Extremely Wideband Fractal Antenna

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OMNI-C010 is a 40:1 bandwidth, frequency independent fractal antenna panel for monitoring and low power transmit made with PCB and coax cable/connector.

OMNI-C010 is a wideband fractal antenna packing a 40:1 frequency range into a small panel. Less than ¼ of a wavelength in size at 150 MHz the antenna is frequency independent, with boresight gains from 1.5 to 5 dBi. It possesses linear polarization and has an SMA female bulkhead jack for signal connection.

Designed for receive-only use, it can also handle up to 10 watts of power for transmit. Mounting holes are provided to allow its thin circuit board to be placed into an enclosure of your choice. 


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