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Cyntony is a force-multiplier for Espy.

Cyntony is an exceptional partner for The Espy Corporation in the realm of RF antenna solutions, delivering knowledge and expertise rooted in years of real-world experience. Many times Cyntony has helped Espy filter a myriad of antenna options to help us quickly and effectively choose the best solution for our requirements. And when optimal off-the-shelf solutions were not immediately available, Cyntony developed custom solutions, like the teamSENTINELnano OMNI-C010 antenna - designed to our unique needs.

    Mr. Whitney Harris, Vice President and Co-founder, The Espy Corporation

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We Serve Systems Integrators


Cyntony enables end-user communication and protection by providing specialty electronics and antennas for tactical communications and defensive electronic attack.


Cyntony empowers end-users to perceive, deceive and deny adversary wireless systems by providing antenna systems for direction finding, signal intelligence and offensive electronic attack.


Cyntony accelerates scientific exploration and discovery by providing extreme-scale high performance computing and storage systems to researchers deciphering the universe's mysteries.

More Than An Intermediary

Cyntony strives to totally satisfy you — not push products. We use Customer Attuned™ collaboration to discover your needs, wants and wishes; providing expert curation of specialty antenna, electronics and computing products from US and international manufacturers, most designed and manufactured with ISO-9001 quality control. We'll even source custom products for special project needs.

Interactions are aided by our on-line quoting, invoicing and support system. Products are guaranteed to perform to specification and are warrantied for a minimum of one year, fully supported for flawless operation. For goods manufactured outside the US, we take care of all the importation hassles.

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