Alaris Antennas USA Distributor

by David A Moschella on May 30, 2020
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Originally published May 4, 2011

Alaris Antennas United States Distribution

Cyntony Corporation, an RF and antenna product distribution, announced that it has become the premier United States Distributor of the defense and specialized line of products from Poynting Antennas (Ltd) Pty [now Alaris Antennas (Ltd) Pty], a world-class developer and ISO-9000 manufacturer of antenna systems located near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cyntony serves the EW industry with antenna products for fixed site, vehicle mounted, maritime, and dismounted use that enable spectrum dominance. Products available include:


DF-A007 at Paardefontein calibration and test facility

DF-A0001 is a direction finding antenna for locating emitters from 20 -3600 MHz with excellent sensitivity and DF accuracy using its three bands of five elements for RF interferometry.

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