AD-10/E — Mast-mount UHF/C-band Wideband Antenna

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AD-10/E is a wideband dipole antenna covering 400-6000 MHz, with up to 500W power handling, making it useful for jamming and counter-UAS at fixed sites.

AD-10/E is a wideband antenna intended for use with fixed-site communication systems, broadband receivers and RF jamming. This omnidirectional dipole antenna covers 400 to 6000 MHz antenna and is a groundplane-independent wideband dipole, and can handle up to 500W continuous power at the low end of the frequency range, reducing to 50W CW at the high end.

The radiator is fully enclosed in a composite radome and equipped with a mast mount adapter tube at the bottom that contains an N-type female connector, and comes with mounting brackets for mast tubes from 20 to 60 mm in diameter.  

A great companion for elevating the AD-10/E is free-standing 6m sectioned mast ST-R.


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