AD-17/C-1512-F — Discone V/UHF Omnidirectional Antenna

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AD-17/C-1512-F is a wideband V/UHF discone omni antenna, operating over 100-512 MHz frequency range, at up to 500 W CW, ideal for quick-deploy tactical use.

AD-17/C-1512-F is a wideband discone omni antenna with flexible elements, intended primarily for portable tactical use. The antenna is composed of a support head/hub with built-in line transformer where bendable tape elements are permanently attached.  It handles up to 500 W CW.  

The complete antenna is stowed inside the portable cylinder covered with double impregnated canvas bag. The deploy/stow procedure is depicted here:AD-17-C-1512-F Pack Unpack sequenc.png

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