AD-21/2G6G — Low-profile U/SHF Dipole Antenna

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AD-21/2G6G is a broadband low-profile dipole antenna covering 2 to 6 GHz for mobile communications and jamming up to 50 W CW.  The antenna can be affixed to vehicles by mag-mount or permanently mounted with a bulkhead mating connector.

AD-21/2G6G is broadband dipole mobile antenna intended for use with portable communication systems, broadband receivers and RF jamming. The antenna covers 2000 to 6000 MHz and is composed of two parts.
First is an antenna radiator which is a dipole (’’center-fed’’). The radiator is fully enclosed in a hard plastic radome.

Part two is a low-profile magnet base. It is composed of aluminum housing and three neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available, the pull force of one magnet is 35 kg, so the base can be used in hardest environmental conditions and even on (MIL rough) thick painted vehicles. The base has integrated low-loss coaxial cable RG-58 length of 2 meters terminated with your required coaxial connector.


  • AD-21/2G6G-N: wideband monopole antenna for portable radio devices with N male connector
  • AD-21/2G6G-F: AD-21/2G6G-N with the fixed mount ADN-21/N
  • AD-21/2G6G-M: AD-21/2G6G-N with the magnet mount ADM-21/N 


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