AD-21/6688 — Wideband Low-profile Monopole Mobile Antenna

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The antenna AD-21/6688 is a wideband low-profile monopole mobile antenna covering frequency range from 66 to 88 MHz and is intended for use with portable and mobile radios. The antenna radiator is composed of two parts: the whip made of special strong and flexible stainless steel whip with spring at the bottom and the matching transformer unit above the N male coaxial connector. The radiator is painted with special UV protective polyurethane black paint while the housing of the antenna matching unit is made of
durable ertacetal material.
The antenna radiator could be used as a separate antenna attached to the portable radio device or it can be used with the magnet baseADM-21/N or fixed baseADN-21/N, both with the integrated coaxial cable length of 4 meters and ended with the FME female connector. Various adapters from FME to N, BNC, UHF, SMA, etc. are available on request.

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