AD-22/C — Wideband V/UHF LPDA Antenna

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AD-22/C is a rugged transportable LPDA antenna covering 80 to 1300 MHz, allowing for long range V/UHF communications, monitoring applications at up to 100 W CW.

AD-22/C is a log periodic antenna covering frequency range of 80 to 1300 MHz. The antenna is composed of a boom element and 20 screw-in dipoles made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel joints.  The included antenna mount enables installation on masts of diameter between 26 and 60 mm.

The antenna is primarily intended for long-life stationary use due to construction. All metal parts are painted with UV-resistant polyurethane paint.

AD-22/C includes a canvas bag for tranporting the boom, dipole elements and mounting hardware.

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