AD-22/H — Wideband V/UHF High-Gain LPDA Antenna

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AD-22/H is a tactical LPDA antenna covering 100 to 3000 MHz, with high gain for V/UHF communication, jamming & monitoring applications at up to 500 W CW.

AD-22/H is a tactical/transportable log-periodic dipole array antenna for frequency range of 100 to 3000 MHz.  The antenna is composed of aluminum two-section boom and 20 dipoles connected by special stainless steel screw joints. The smallest first 12 elements are fixed to the boom while the longest 8 elements are screwed on to the boom by the user.

The antenna can be mounted on appropriate antenna masts with the built-in bracket that also enables simple change of polarization.

All metal parts of the antenna are painted with UV resistant polyurethane paint. 

AD-22/H includes a canvas bag for transporting the boom sections, dipole elements and mounting hardware.

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