AD-26/C family — VHF Elastic Manpack Antennas

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Family of antennas AD-26/C is intended for use with portable and manpack radios within VHF frequency band. The antenna is composed of several thin wall stainless steel sections connected with elastic rope.

Elastic rope tension enables good electrical contact between sections and quick deployment of the antenna within seconds. The antenna consists also a special grip tape for packing when not in use. Version of AD- 26/C-GN contains also a special “goose-neck”enables vertical position of the antenna irrespective of position of radio set. Antenna is available in different heights (max. 3220 mm) and with different types of thread connectors (5/8”-18UNF as standard or by request). Antenna radiator is painted MIL Green while the goose-neck is painted black.


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