AD-26/CW-S-3512-TNC — Portable Wideband Monopole Antenna

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The AD-26/CW-S-3512-TNC is a wideband VHF/UHF monopole antenna intended for use primarily on manpack radios. The matching unit is composed of TNC male connector, special passive transformer, spring and antenna radiator. A passive transformer is built in a hard plastic housing which enables durability of the use. The spring is made of a thick black passivated stainless-steel wire which enables that the antenna radiator is always in the vertical position.The antenna radiator is composed of 10 sections made of thin wall copper plates stainless steel with tubular joints and elastic rope enabling fast deployment. All metal parts of the matching unit are galvanically protected. Antenna radiator can be electrically insulated with nonconductive two-components non-conductive fibreglass epoxy color or with PPC RTV coating (MIL Green - RAL 6003). This non-conducting material provides protection against electric contact to high voltage transmission line.

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