AD-39/3108 — Dipole Wideband Antenna

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AD-39/3108 is a visually unobtrusive omnidirectional dipole wideband antenna for fixed-site operation from 30 MHz to 108 MHz with power handling of 100 W. 

AD-39/3108 is a wideband dipole antenna for stationary antenna use at VHF frequencies from 30 - 108 MHz. It is composed of a matching unit and balun transformer arm with screw-in dipole elements.  Dipoles are made from brass tubing enclosed in fiberglass housing which also contains a special passive element for better gain characteristics.

The antenna pattern is essentially omni-directional, with full instantaneous bandwidth, making it ideal for wideband communication applications.

AD-39/3108 is constructed entirely from corrosion-resistant materials and the -T version comes with a handy carry bag for field transportable applications.


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