AD-4/WB-MHD-4.8 — Wideband HF Whip Antenna

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AD-4/WB-MHD-4.8 is a wideband mobile HF antenna for frequency range from 1 to 60 MHz, mainly intended for use in heavy duty mobile applications. Four radiator sections attach to a spring base mount to create a monopole for vertical polarization.

The AD-4 antenna sections are made of composite materials and a biconical SS spring enabling the antenna to be held in a horizontal bent position with the rope for NVIS communications. 

Matching circuitry inside the base enables the instantaneous wideband operation, so no tuner is required.  A GPS antenna can be affixed to the base if needed.

A portable legs and radials kit is also available to permit standalone use of AD-4/WB-MHD-4.8 in the field. 


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