BWK-01 — Body-worn MOLLE Counterpoise Kit for V/UHF Antennas

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BWK-01 enables and antenna to be MOLLE-attached to a tactical vest in "body worn extended mode" for communications covering 20-520 MHz at up to 20 W CW.

BWK-01/TNC is a special body-worn kit that enables end fed (monopole) or center-fed (dipole) handheld or manpack antennas to be used in so called "body worn extended mode."  In other words, the antenna is not directly attached to the radio unit, but it is attached and elevated by this body worn kit attached to the standard MOLLE-equipped tactical jacket. Thus, the antenna is raised above the operator's body, greatly enhancing the antenna radiation characteristics.

BWK-01/TNC is composed of:
- Goose Neck Extension (GNE) Unit (length 840 mm) with TNC female connector on the top. A Current Choke Unit (CCU) is at the bottom. GNE is made of flexible metal tube covered and protected by heat-shrink tube that also acts as a counterpoise for end-fed antennas.
- A set of MOLLE attachment textile clips. Two are intended for attaching the GNE in horizontal and two for attaching the GNE in vertical position.
- 1 m of RG-223 C/U coaxial cable  with TNC male connectors for attachment toGNE and the radio.

An optional Elevation Kit EK-01/TNC is available to attach and elevate the antenna into trees or masts to in order to improve communication range.

Example compatible antenna:

  • AD-25/CW-3512-H: wideband monopole antenna for portable radio devices with TNC male connector

Other connector types are possible.


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