DF-A0015 — Active Adcock HF Direction Finding Array

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DF-A0015 is an 8-element active Adcock array with a centrally located ninth element for omni-directional sensing covering frequencies 1 to 30 MHz.

For improved performance direction finding at low frequencies, we suggest the DF-A0076. As well as the 9 elements of DF-A0015, DF-A0076 array employs a second array at about 4 times the diameter for superior DF sensitivity in the 0.5 to 7 MHz band. Both arrays are intended for Watson Watt (WW) DF estimation by connection to the central combiner/beam former system.

Designed for long-term outdoor deployment and shipped in compact storage and transport boxes, the antenna array can be assembled by one person in 60 minutes (without special tools or heavy equipment).

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