DF-A0047 — Handheld Direction Finding Antenna

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DF-A0047 is a handheld directional antenna for direction finding and transmitter hunting from 9 kHz to 8500 MHz (when optional loop is attached).

DF-A0047 combines several antennas with switching and digital electronics in a neat housing, significantly enhancing the capabilities of spectrum analyzers, such as the Tektronix SA2500.

A single RF output is provided, with internal switching selecting the appropriate antenna, and choosing to connect or bypass the pre-amplifier. The low-noise wideband amplifier enhances system sensitivity in active mode. In passive mode, the amplifier is bypassed so that the antenna can be used in the presence of strong signals. A USB port provides streaming digital compass data.

The optional DF-A0047-01 is a loop antenna extension module for 9 kHz to 20 MHz. Optional DF-A0047-02 is a robust carrycase for the DF-A0047.

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