DF-A0085 — Dual-Polarized Direction Finding Antenna Array

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The DF-A0085 dual-polarized direction finding antenna covers a frequency range of 20 to 3600 MHz.

The full-size elements on all bands give excellent DF sensitivity. Angular resolution for strong signals is well under 1º for most of the frequency range. Dipole elements provide good cross-polarization rejection, and fair performance for signals arriving from up to 15º above or below the horizon.

The DF-A0085 is capable of HP and VP DF, selectable for Band A and B, with each polarization requiring characterisation. Selection between VP and HP operation for bands A and B is via a DC control signal injected into the element output connectors. Band C is polarization agnostic, allowing concurrent VP, HP and LHCP DF a single characterization table utilising the array of spiral antennas provided.  

This DF antenna is designed to be used a multi-channel phase-sensitive receiver, and correlative algorithm. Shipped in a compact storage and transport box, the antenna can be assembled by one person in 45 minutes without special tools.

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