DF-A0088 — Rugged Wideband Direction Finding Antenna

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DF-A0088 is a wideband direction finding antenna with robust mechanical and environmental specifications for marine and rugged applications.

The antenna has a loop array for good DF performance at low frequencies where the phase size of the array is small, and three pentagonal arrays for the higher frequency ranges. A secondary pentagonal array of dipoles are combined by an internal 5-way low-loss combiner to provide a good omni from 1 to 500 MHz and an integrated bi-conical antenna provides a second omni from 500 to 6000 MHz. Improved sensitivity for low frequency monitoring can be accomplished by attaching the optional MONO-A0059 whip to the top of the antenna.

A decagonal cylindrical cavity inside the antenna allows switching, amplification and RF processing to be integrated into the antenna, reducing cable loss and weight. 

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