DF-A0095 — Wideband Portable DF Antenna

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DF-A0095 is a four band portable DF antenna for fixed site and mobile direction finding from 1 to 6000 MHz. Great accuracy is obtained by calibration.

The antenna system has a loop array for good DF performance at low frequencies and three pentagonal arrays for the higher frequency bands. A secondary dipole array is combined internally to provide good omnidirectional output from 1 to 500 MHz. An internal biconical antenna provides another omni output from 500 to 6000 MHz. The optional MONO-A0059 whip attachment improves sensitivity for low frequency.

A decagonal cylindrical cavity inside the antenna allows switching, amplification and RF processing electronics to be integrated into the antenna to improve performance by reducing cable losses. The cavity opens under gas strut assistance giving access electronics by one person, while connected to a mast, without a crane.

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