DF-A0201 — Full-range Wideband DF Antenna

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DF-A0201 is a full-range three-band direction finding antenna for on-the-move and stationary DF from 20 to 6000 MHz. Internal electronics provide digital compass output, band switching and internal noise source for calibration.  A GPS antenna is also inside.  

The antenna array is implemented as a three-band vertical stack with each antenna band utilizing Adcock array principles. Low frequency performance is enhanced with patented hybrid loop-Adcock technology to provide improved sensitivity over traditional designs of the same form factor. Each band offers an omnidirectional output that can also be used for monitoring.

The antenna presents patterns suitable for the Watson Watt estimation method, as well as 3-channel correlative DF.

Band switching is done via an integrated switch and control system. External and internal RF chain calibration is accommodated. A compass and active GPS antenna are also integrated.

Optional isolating extension mast is also available for use on vehicles and structures. Mounting for on-the-march backpack use is available.


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