MONO-A0062 — High-Power VHF Wideband Whip Antenna

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The antenna has an excellent radiation pattern and a consistently low VSWR across the entire frequency band. It can handle full rated power continuously at all frequencies, making it ideal for all 100% duty-cycle applications.

The insulated radiator is robust, hard-wearing and impervious to fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid.

The MONO-A0062-01 is a low profile version of MONO-A0062 and is ideal for certain vehicles; however, it suffers from gain degradation at low frequency.

The MONO-A0062-02 has been optimized for higher gain at a cost of an increased maximum VSWR.


  • Wide frequency coverage (20 to 100 MHz)

  • High-power, 120 W at 100% duty cycle

  • Excellent VSWR

  • Omni-directional azimuth pattern

  • Rugged and hard-wearing

  • Suited to low-profile applications


  • Improvised explosive device (IED) suppression

  • Communications interception

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