Multiband Wearable Mesh Rider Radio – 915 MHz and 2450 MHz (ISM bands)

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The Multiband Wearable RM-1700-22W Mesh Rider Radio operates in the 915-MHz and 2450-MHz frequency range allowing it to be used globally. Each device is a node on a
long-range Mesh Rider network and uses Wi-Fi to bridge Tablets and Smartphones onto the network. The Multiband Wearable Mesh Rider Radio is used by tactical teams to collaborate by streaming voice, video, and data on a fast, low latency, and encrypted network.

The Multiband Wearable RM-1700-22W Mesh Rider Radio was designed to be conveniently carried and is capable of streaming HD video to a teammate up to 1 km away. External antenna ports are included to integrate with high-gain antennas for longer distances. The radio is available with or without a battery pack, or with additional interfaces for fixed installations.

As with all Mesh Rider Radio form factors, the Multiband Wearable Mesh Rider Radio is available in many frequency bands between 900 MHz and 6 GHz freq range. This flexibility allows customers to use their industry specific frequency bands for deploying private wireless networks.

The Mesh Rider Radio employs Doodle Labs' patented Mesh Rider® technology with state of-the-art RF and networking capabilities that enable communication further, faster, and more reliably than any comparable solution on the market. For example, optimized video streaming carries crystal clear 4K video while simultaneously carrying Ultra Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) command and control (C&C) data for machines.

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