OMNI-A0258 — Active (or Passive) Monitoring Antenna

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OMNI-A0258 is an active or passive monitoring antenna array covering 20 to 9000 MHz. The array is under one radome and can be used on vehicles or at a fixed site

OMNI-A0258 is a vertically polarized omnidirectional antenna consisting of an active antenna array covering 20 to 9000 MHz. The antennas are combined under a radome and output in either a single output (OMNI-A0258/-01) active antenna protects the system from excessive field strengths and boosts low level signals; or a two connector passive version (OMNI-A0258-02).

OMNI-A0258 and -01 versions need DC power injection coaxial port of the antenna, using for example, the MISC-A0022 , to power it amplifier. The OMNI-A0258-01 version also features a passive-bypass mode which is engaged when the antenna is not powered. In this mode, the antenna is completely passive, allowing for low distortion measurements in the presence of high incident fields. OMNI-A0258-02, is a completely passive version of the antenna.

Based on the OMNI-A0098, this antenna is extends the upper frequency range while sharing its mechanical characteristics.


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