OMNI-A0287 — High-Power HF Omni-Directional Antenna

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This is a wideband wire cone monopole antenna that operates over the 1 to 30 MHz band with a VSWR of less than 2.6:1 over the band, with the typical value close to 1.7:1. The antenna gives a superior radiation pattern for HF signal interception and has been optimized for HF communication.

The antenna is equipped with a sophisticated frequency selective matching unit which provides excellent VSWR characteristics for best possible efficiency across the band and requires no band switching or other matching control. The design has taken into account the worst-case soil-types and so will work for diverse deployments in deserts, urban areas and wetlands.

The antenna has been designed to be mounted on a permanent plinth and consists of aluminum mast sections, a cable spreader system with ropes and ground pegs, a mast isolator, antenna matching unit, ground radials and mast guy ropes.

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