RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - HF

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The RM8 family are versatile high-performance, long distance strategic and maritime data communications products to use with H/V/UHF transceiver equipment.

The RM8 LF and HF data modem offers a maximum data rate of 9600 bps over a standard 3 kHz SSB channel and 19200 bps over a 6 kHz channel. The RM8 will support the 24kHz bandwidth MIL-STD-188-110C modem running at up to 120,000 bps when used for short-range ground-wave links or over seawater. RM8 also supports a RapidM proprietary ≤ 128,000 bps in 24 kHz channel VHF modem.

All QAM waveforms have AUTOBAUD and adaptive equalization to mitigate HF dispersive fading or multi-path induced Doppler spread of mobile V/UHF channels. Cancellation of narrowband co-channel interference is accomplished via adaptive tone excision. In practice the RM8 will operate well with older generation HF and V/UHF transceivers due to superior in-band equalization performance and dynamic range.

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