RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - 2G ALE

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The RM8 family are versatile high-performance, long distance strategic and maritime data communications products to use with H/V/UHF transceiver equipment.

The 2G ALE Controller performs all the basic protocol functions for individual calling, one-to-many calling, sounding and scanning up to 5 channels per second.

When not otherwise committed, the 2G ALE Controller continually scans the pre-selected set of channels, listening for calls.

Link Quality Analysis (LQA) is obtained by continuously listening to sounds and calls from other stations.

MIL-STD-188-141B, App. B Linking Protection provides additional security to your HF network. The RM8 unit has a built-in GPS unit that provides the time reference required for secure linking.

The RM8 supports the standard Time Exchange protocol.

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