RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - 3G ALE

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The RM8 family are versatile high-performance, long distance strategic and maritime data communications products to use with H/V/UHF transceiver equipment.

The RM8 offers advanced 3G ALE for HF networks (based on STANAG 4538) in the form of Fast Link Setup, a fast scanning link setup protocol for Packet, Circuit and Voice links, using very robust HF burst waveforms.

Both synchronous and asynchronous link setups are supported and various HF voice radios can be controlled automatically.

The RM8 offers error free data delivery, under a variety of HF channel conditions by using 3G ALE and the built-in ARQ protocols.

A High-rate Data Link protocol provides superior throughput for larger packets under good to fair HF channel conditions, while the Low-latency Data Link protocol provides superior throughput for smaller packets as well as superior throughput for larger packets under fair to very poor HF channel conditions.

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