RV2 Radio Voice Bridge — Remote Radio Operation

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The RapidM R V2 is a purpose built unit which interface s to 2 different radios simultaneously. It provides the operator with a Handset/Headset interface from where the received audio from both radios can be monitored.
The operator can select the individual radio to which he wants to talk while still being able to see activity on the other radios via an LED indication.
The operator can also select to cross connect the audio from Radio 1 to Radio 2 and visa versa to form a bridge between separate radio networks. In this scenario, the operator can still monitor and speak onto both radio networks.
Voice activity is continually being detected on all the radios and radio levels are automatically adjusted and normalised via the automatic gain control. The user can adjust the handset and built in speaker volume as desired.

o Bridge voice between two radios
o Monitor up to two different radios
o Select individual radios for use
o Robust design
o Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
o Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
o Built in Speaker

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