SBA3438B-DP — Dual Polarized Switched Beam MIMO Antenna for 5G

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The SBA3438B-DP is a switched beam antenna for the 5G 3.4 to 3.8 GHz frequency band providing output for dual ±45°slant polarizations to support MIMO usage.

The antenna offers extremely fast beam steering capability to achieve optimal gain to the desired direction and avoid interference from and to unwanted directions (LPI/LPD). The antenna provides up to 20 sharp beams with a minimum of 18 degree beamwidth to cover the full 360 degree horizontal area. On top of sharp beam mode the antenna supports also wide and quasi-omni modes

• Dual ±45°slant polarizations to support MIMO usage

• Extremely fast beam steering to support 5G complex node and Mesh networks

• Optimized spectrum efficiency: antenna gain steered to the desired directions and interference minimized to and from unwanted directions

Check out the SBA video from manufacturer COJOT showing how the antenna works, along with a counter-UAS application example.  

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