STV-EW — Electric Winch for STV Telescopic Masts

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STV-EW is an electric winch for the STV series of telescopic masts, for quickly elevating devices up to 8 to 18 meters high for tactical use in the field.

The STV-EW electric winch  consists of a 24V electric motor and worm gearbox with torque limiter. It is laterally attached to the STV manual winch on the where the handle goes, and is easily secured with 2 stand screws by hand (no tool is required). It weighs 25 pounds.

A remote control energizes power contactors for elevating or lowering the mast in about one minute.  The electric winch also has a torque limiter to prevent any possible mast damage, and an automatic fuse to prevent electrical current overdraw.

Check out this nice video showing MANUAL Deployment of an STV mast. 



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