LPDA-A0096 — V/UHF Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0096 is a collapsible wire elements wideband log-periodic dipole array antenna for 100 - 500 MHz and power handling of 200W with a...

LPDA-A0107 — Montioring/High-Power HF Wire LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0107 deployable HF log periodic dipole array covers the entire HF spectrum with excellent gain and pattern.

LPDA-A0100 — High-Power Wideband Wire LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0100 is medium-gain wideband directional wire element LPDA antenna and covers the frequency band from 30 MHz to 500 MHz.

LPDA-A0098 — High-Power Wire LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0098 is a medium gain directional LPDA antenna with a clever wire element design for EW applications covering 20 - 100 MHz at 1 kW of...

LPDA-A0097 — Wideband Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0097 is medium-gain wideband directional LPDA antenna covering the 30 - 500 MHz with 200W power handling.

LPDA-A0094 — High-Power Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0094 is a directional log-periodic dipole array for 100 - 500 MHz and power handling of 1 kW with a typical gain of 7 dBi. 

LPDA-A0080 — Wideband Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0080 is a wideband directional LPDA antenna 225 - 3000 MHz with medium gain and power handling up to 200W.

LPDA-A0076 — Foldable Wire LPDA VHF

LPDA-A0076 is a directional LPDA antenna covers 225 - 450 MHz for JTRS wideband waveforms like SRW and WNW used in wide-area networks.