SBA4450XB — High Power SBA for 4400-5000MHz

The SBA4450XB is a high power sw itched beam antenna that is particu larly suitable for tactical communication applications (UHF band IV).

SBA4450B — Switched Beam Antenna for 4400-5000MHz

The SBA4450B is a switched beam antenna for the 4400 to 5000 MHz frequency band (UHF band IV).

SBA2458DB — Dual Band Switched Beam WiFi Antenna

The SBA2458DB is a dual band switched beam ant enna covering the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands (WiFi).

SBA1327B — UHF/NATO III+ Switched Beam Antenna

The SBA1327B is a switched beam antenna for the UHF/NATO band III+ (1350 to 2700 MHz).

STV-EW — Electric Winch for STV Telescopic Masts

STV-EW is an electric winch for the STV series of telescopic masts, for quickly elevating devices up to 8 to 18 meters high for tactical use in the...

MS300 — Antenna Mast Mount and Ground Plane

The MS300 antenna mast mount is a professional installation solution for mounting a monopole vehicle antenna onto a 50...

STV-L/02 — Semi-Mobile Base Plate

Base Plate STV-L/02 is intended for semi-mobile mounting of the telescopic antenna masts STV. The base plate is composed of Steel Plate with...

STV-CL — Aluminum/Stainless Steel Clamps

Clamps STV-CL/105x110A and STV-CL/128x110A are made of black anodized aluminum parts and stainless steel. The complete clamp is composed of three...

KUA-35/5 — Wideband Shortwave Transportable Antenna

The antenna KUA-35/5 is a wideband shortwave transportable antenna. The mast is composed of seven sections each made of epoxy -...

ADK — Mounts and Adapters

The ADK-x family of mast mounts, brackets and mast adapters enables antennas, lighting, cameras, etc. to be affixed to masts, poles and walls....

STV-G — Winch-driven Telescopic Mast for Vehicles

STV-G is a rugged winch-driven telescopic mast for vehicles to elevate devices up to 10 kg from 3-5 meters. They are customizable and designed to...

STV — Winch-driven Telescopic Mast Series

STV portable winch-driven telescopic masts are for elevating moderate weight devices from 8 to 18 meters for tactical use in the field. Up to 35 kg...

ST — Light Sectioned Mast Series

ST is a family of light transportable sectioned masts for elevating antennas (up to 15 kg) 5-12 meters above the ground. Each kit includes guys,...

STM — Lightweight Sectioned Mast Series

STM is a family of lightweight sectioned masts for elevating antennas (up to 5 kg) 3-8 meters above the ground. Each kit includes guys, stakes, tools...

ST-R — Free-standing Sectioned Mast

ST-R is a man-portable, free-standing sectioned mast for elevating lightweight devices (max 6 kg) up to 6 meters high. Its foldable tripod adjusts to...

RSM-4 — Lightweight Mast - 4 Meters

RSM-4 is a man-portable mast for elevating lightweight wire antennas on temporary base stations or forward command communications outposts.

MASTMO — Antenna Mast Mount

MASTMO is a mast mount for antennas to be clamped to a 2 - 2.4" diameter mast. Dipole & high-gain antennas with coaxial connectors are best...

MS1 — Antenna Mast Mount

MS1 is a mast mount for antennas with a 4-hole US CECOM hole pattern to be placed atop a 2" diameter mast. An N-type bulkhead and pigtail connect...

MISC-A0095 — Non-conductive Quadpod

MISC-A0095 is an antenna quadpod designed for quick deployment of mobile antenna stations.

MISC-A0047 — Mounting Support for SYST-A0004

The MISC-A0047 is a mounting support designed to support the SYST-A0004 DF and monitoring antenna stack, and house the MISC-A0045 amplifier box.

BRKT-A026 — LPDA Extension Mast

The BRKT-A026 is a lightweight extension pole system used for the simultaneous mounting of two LPDA-A0036 high-power antennas.

TAC-HF — HF Wideband Dipole Antenna and Mast System

TAC-HF is a lightweight, man-portable dipole antenna and mast system designed for rapid deployment, long-range reconnaissance patrol applications.

RTM-xx — Telescopic Lightweight Mast Series

The RTM family of portable, telescopic masts are for rapid deployment of static or mobile base stations and forward communications outposts.

RSM-6 — Lightweight Mast - 6 Meters

RSM-6 is a man-portable mast for elevating lightweight wire antennas on temporary base stations or forward command communications outposts.

BRKT-A022 — Universal Mounting Bracket

The BRKT-A022 is a quick-mounting bracket for attaching an antenna to a mast. It can be installed and removed by the action of a single clamping...