AD-44/WB-3512 — VHF/UHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

AD-64/B — VHF/UHF Ultra Wideband Manpack Antenna

AD-64/C — UHF Ultra Wideband Manpack Antenna

AD-64/D — UHF Ultra Wideband Manpack Antenna

AD-65/A-1512 — VHF/UHF Wideband Monopole Whip Antenna

AD-65/B-1512 — VHF/UHF Wideband Monopole Antenna

AD-80/L1L2 — Mobile GPS Receiver Antenna

ATP-1827/05 — Antenna Support for Center-Fed Mobile Antennas

KUA-35/5 — Wideband Shortwave Transportable Antenna

KUA-35/6 Family — HF Wideband Dipole Wire Antenna

AD-44/CW-3175 — VHF Wideband Monopole Whip Antenna

AD-40/722-14 — UHF Directional 14-element Yagi Antenna

AD-27/V150-3512-DF — VHF/UHF Dual-Band Dual-Feed Mobile Antenna

AD-26/C family — VHF Elastic Manpack Antennas

AD-25/CW family — VHF Wideband Whip Manpack Antennas

AD-23/07-4 — Collinear UHF Dipole Antenna

AD-23/2-2 — Collinear VHF Dipole Antenna

AD-18/F-HP — Mobile VHF/UHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

AD-18/E-HP — Mobile VHF/UHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

AD-18/D-3512-HP — Mobile VHF/UHF Ultra Wideband Monopole Antenna

AD-18/D-3512-DF — Mobile VHF/UHF Wideband Monopole Antenna

AD-18/D-2110 — Mobile VHF Wideband Antenna

AD-18/D-110 — Mobile VHF Wideband Antenna

AD-11/G — VHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

AD-10/S — V/UHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

AD-18/G-50600 — High-power U/SHF Wideband Antenna

BWK-01 — Body-worn MOLLE Counterpoise Kit for V/UHF Antennas

OMNI-A0258 — Active (or Passive) Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0205 — Marine-grade Active (or Passive) Monitoring Antenna

AD-27/V190-3512 — Wideband V/UHF Whip Antenna

AD-25/C — Low VHF Tape Whip Manpack Antenna

AD-25/CW-2175 — VHF Tape Whip Manpack Antenna

AD-25/-CW-3512 — Wideband V/UHF Tape Whip Antenna

OMNI-A0290 — Dual-Polarized Wideband MIMO Antenna

OMNI-A0241 — Dual-Polarized High-Gain Wideband MIMO Antenna

AD-18/CF-3512 — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

MONO-A0021 — Wideband High-Power Antenna

AD-52 — Directional VHF Wire Antenna

RWD125— HF Wideband Dipole Antenna

ADM-21/N — Magnetic Antenna Mount

WB30175W — Magmount VHF Monopole Antenna

AD-27/V150-3512 — Short VHF/UHF Wideband Vehicular Antenna

AD-27/V190-3108 — Compact Monopole VHF Antenna

WD460Q — Wideband UHF SHF Manpack Antenna

WB525G-E — Wideband U/SHF Manpack Antenna

WB525W — Wideband High-Power U/SHF Magmount Antenna

WB525M — Wideband High-Power U/SHF Vehicle Antenna

AD-21/66174 — Low-profile VHF Monopole Antenna

AD-21/2G6G — Low-profile U/SHF Dipole Antenna

AD-21/3512 — Low-profile V/UHF Monopole Antenna

AD-21/2512 — V/UHF Mobile Antenna

AD-18/H-1318 — Vehicular VHF Communications Dipole Antenna

AD-18/G-2210 — Wideband V/UHF Communications Dipole Antenna

AD-18/G-50300 — Vehicular High-power UHF Wideband Antenna

DF-A0201 — Full-range Wideband DF Antenna

AD-4 — Configurable HF Whip Antenna

LPDA-A0125 — Wideband Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0124 — Wideband Collapsible Wire LPDA

AD-10/A — V/UHF Wideband Dipole Antenna

AD-10/D — Mast-mount UHF Wideband Antenna

AD-18/F — Vehicle V/UHF Dipole Antenna

AD-21/45300 — Wideband UHF Manpack Antenna

AD-64/A — Wideband V/UHF Manpack Antenna

AD-27/V120-3108 — Compact Wideband Monopole Antenna

AD-39/3108 — Dipole Wideband Antenna

AD-39/3512 — Dipole Wideband Antenna

AD-18/E — V/UHF Communications Dipole Antenna

AD-18/D-3512 — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Antenna

AD-18/D — Vehicular VHF Monopole Antenna

AD-79/18D — Robust Amplified GPS Antenna

AD-21/3108 — Low-profile VHF Monopole Antenna

AD-18/CF-388 — VHF Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

AD-18/CF-3108 — VHF Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

ATP-1827/03 — VHF/UHF Antenna Mast Adapter

ATP-1827/02 — VHF/UHF Ground Plane Mast Adapter

ATP-1827/01 — VHF/UHF Antenna Tripod

LPDA-A0121 — Ultra-wideband Directional Antenna

AD-22/B-F — V/UHF LPDA Antenna

AD-17/C-1512 — V/UHF Omnidirectional Antenna

AD-17/C-1512-F — Discone V/UHF Omnidirectional Antenna

AD-17/B-110 — Tactical VHF Omnidirectional Antenna

AD-17 — Discone VHF Omnidirectional Antenna

AD-22/E — UHF LPDA Antenna

AD-22/D — UHF High Gain LPDA Antenna

AD-22/C — Wideband V/UHF LPDA Antenna

AD-22/B — V/UHF LPDA Antenna

AD-22/A — V/UHF LPDA Antenna

WB425M — Wideband High-Power U/SHF Vehicle Antenna

ADK — Mounts and Adapters

STV-G — Winch-driven Telescopic Mast for Vehicles

STV — Winch-driven Telescopic Mast Series

ST — Light Sectioned Mast Series

STM — Lightweight Sectioned Mast Series

ST-R — Free-standing Sectioned Mast

ADC4X3G-14 — A/D Converter Mezzanine Card for SKARAB

HD913RQ — High Gain Link 16 Manpack Antenna

WB2250H — Handheld VHF/UHF Monopole Antenna

WD2250GH — Manpack VHF/UHF Dipole Antenna

WB2CC — Manpack VHF Whip Antenna

PANL-C011 — Extremely Wideband Fractal Antenna Panel

RSM-4 — Lightweight Mast - 4 Meters

WB1318 — VHF Manpack Antenna

HD2245M-B — Mast-mount High-gain V/UHF Antenna

HD2245M — Vehicle High-gain V/UHF Antenna

HD36 — High-gain S and C band Manpack Wideband Antenna

HD820Q — High-gain Dual-band Manpack Wideband Antenna

HD921Q — High-gain 3G/GSM Manpack Wideband Antenna

HD2400M — S-band Vehicle High-gain Antenna

WD2250G — Manpack VHF/UHF Dipole Antenna

WD2250M — Vehicle VHF/UHF Dipole Antenna

WD2245Q — Manpack V/UHF Wideband Antenna

WD2245RQ — Manpack V/UHF Wideband Antenna

WD1350XQ — High Power Manpack V/UHF Wideband Antenna

WD1350Q — Manpack V/UHF Wideband Antenna

WBM5600M — Active Wideband Monitoring Antenna

WBCX512H — Manpack/Handheld Wideband Antenna

WBCX512RP — Manpack Wideband Antenna

WBCX512Q — Manpack VHF Wideband Antenna

WBC3924 — Dual Port Wideband Antenna for Vehicles

WBC2300 — Dual Port Wideband Antenna for Vehicle CREW

WB30150M1 — Vehicle VHF Monopole Antenna

WB25512XR — High-power Manpack VHF UHF Wideband Antenna

WB25512W — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Antenna

WB25512R — Manpack VHF UHF Wideband Antenna

WB25175C — Manpack VHF Wideband Antenna

WB2060M — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Antenna

WB20220A — Manpack VHF Wideband Antenna

WB20200M — Vehicle VHF Monopole Antenna

WB13CCM — Vehicle VHF Monopole Antenna

WB1048M — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Antenna

WD525M — Vehicular Wideband Antenna for UHF/SHF

WB26 — Manpack U/SHF Wideband Antenna

DIPL-A0057 — Wideband Body Worn Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0244 — Compact Vehicle Monitoring Antenna

WR2250B — VHF/UHF Directional Antenna

WB922M — Vehicular Wideband Antenna for UHF

WB25C0M — Vehicular VHF Band Wideband Antenna

WB225M — Vehicular Ultra Wideband Antenna for VHF/UHF/SHF

WB10DXM — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Antenna

HD2400Q — High-gain S-band Manpack Antenna

HD921M — High-gain Tri-band Vehicular Wideband Antenna

OMNI-A0140 — High-gain 3G and WLAN Manpack Antenna

OMNI-A0108 — High-Gain 2.4 GHz Mobile Antenna

TA30512H — V/UHF Handheld Tunable Adaptive Antenna

TA30512B-CE — V/UHF Manpack Connectorized Tunable Adaptive Antenna

TA30512B — V/UHF Manpack Tunable Adaptive Antenna

TA30512M — V/UHF Vehicle Tunable Adaptive Antenna

ATA3090M — VHF Vehicle Autonomous Adaptive Antenna

TA3090M — VHF Vehicle Tunable Adaptive Antenna

HD827XM — High-gain High-power GSM 3G LTE Vehicular Antenna

HD827Q — High-gain GSM 3G LTE Manpack Wideband Antenna

MASTMO — Antenna Mast Mount

MS1 — Antenna Mast Mount

HD827M — High-gain GSM 3G LTE Vehicular Wideband Antenna

WB20CM — Vehicular VHF Band Wideband Antenna

MG3091 — Heavy Duty Magnetic Antenna Mount

WD2250M-B — VHF/UHF Dipole Antenna Kit for Mast Mount

WBC256 — Ultra Wideband Antenna for Vehicle CREW

WB30512XM — Vehicular VHF/UHF Wideband Antenna

WB922Q — Manpack UHF Wideband Antenna

WB30512H1 — Wideband Manpack/Handheld Antenna

WBCX512W — VHF/UHF Magnetic Mount Wideband Omni Antenna

MG512R — Magnetic Antenna Mount

WD528Q — Wideband UHF Manpack Antenna

RT7 — Encrypted Voice/Data Strategic Terminal

OMNI-A0268— Wideband HP Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0265 — Wideband High-Power Manpack Antenna

OMNI-A0258 — Wideband Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0223 — Wideband Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0221 — High-Power Wideband Vehicle Antenna

OMNI-A0199 — Wideband Monitoring Vehicle Antenna System

OMNI-A0195 — Wideband Monitoring Vehicle Antenna

OMNI-A0193 — High-Power Wideband Vehicle Antenna

OMNI-A0191 — Wideband VP and HP Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0190 — Wideband Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0180 — Wideband Manpack Antenna

OMNI-A0173 — High-Power Wideband Omni Antenna

OMNI-A0156 — Wideband HP Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0154 — High-Gain 2.45 GHz Manpack Antenna

OMNI-A0153 — High-Gain 5 GHz Manpack Antenna

OMNI-A0144 — High-Power Wideband Vehicle Antenna

OMNI-A0142 — High-Gain S-Band Omni Antenna

OMNI-A0138 — High-Gain C-Band Omni Antenna

OMNI-A0137 — High-Gain C-Band Mobile Antenna

OMNI-A0136 — High-Gain S-Band Mobile Antenna

OMNI-A0135 — High-Gain L-Band Mobile Antenna

OMNI-A0132 — High-Gain 2.2 GHz Mobile Antenna

OMNI-A0130 — High-Gain 2.45 GHz Vehicle Antenna

OMNI-A0129 — High-Gain WLAN Vehicle Antenna

MONO-A0071 — HF Active Monopole Antenna

MONO-A0067 — HF Monitoring Monopole Antenna

MONO-A0066 — Wideband V/UHF Vehicle Antenna

MONO-A0064 — High-Power Wideband Monocone Antenna

MONO-A0063 — High-Power Wideband V/UHF Antenna

MONO-A0062 — High-Power Wideband VHF Whip Antenna

MONO-A0059 — Wideband Monitoring Whip

MONO-A0035 — Wideband High-Power Antenna

MONO-A0030 — High-Power Wideband VHF Whip Antenna

MONO-A0029 — HF Active Monopole Antenna

MONO-A0025 — Wideband HF Monopole Antenna

MONO-A0024 — High-Power Omni Antenna

MONO-A0023 — High-Power Omnidirectional Antenna

MONO-A0022 — High-Power Omnidirectional Antenna

MONO-A0012 — HF Active Monopole Antenna

MISC-A0095 — Non-conductive Quadpod

MISC-A0051 — High-Strength Magnetic Mounting Base

MISC-A0047 — Mounting Support for SYST-A0004

MISC-A0045 — 5-Channel Amplifier and DC Injection

MISC-A0066 — Dual 15V Coaxial Power Supply

MISC-A0022 — 15V Coaxial Power Supply

LPMA-A0010 — HF Directional Wire LPMA Antenna

LPDA-A0107 — Monitoring/High-Power HF Wire LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0100 — High-Power Wideband Wire LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0098 — High-Power Wire LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0097 — Wideband Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0094 — High-Power Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0083 — Wideband LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0081 — Ultra-wideband Directional Antenna

LPDA-A0080 — Wideband Collapsible Wire LPDA

LPDA-A0078 — High Power LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0076 — Foldable Wire LPDA VHF

LPDA-A0075 — Wideband Directional Antenna

LPDA-A0074 — High Gain LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0073 — Wideband High Gain LPDA

LPDA-A0067 — High Power High Gain LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0066 — HF Monitoring LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0063 — High Gain LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0062 — High Power, High Gain LPDA Antenna Stack

LPDA-A0054 — High Power V/UHF LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0047 — Wideband LPDA Receive Antenna

LPDA-A0038 — Wideband High Gain LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0037 — Wideband V/UHF LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0036 — Compact Wideband LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0033 — Wideband LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0032 — High Gain LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0031 — High Power, High Gain LPDA

LPDA-A0030 — High Power V/UHF LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0029 — High Power LPDA Antenna

LPDA-A0005 — Wideband Directional Antenna

HF5M — HF Whip Antenna

GRID-A0006 — High Gain Dish Antenna

GRID-A0005 — High Gain Reflector Antenna

DIPL-A0059 — Omnidirectional Antenna

DIPL-A0056 — Inverted V Dipole Antenna

DIPL-A0047 — Compact Dipole Wideband Antenna

DIPL-A0038 — GSM Manpack Antenna

DIPL-A0035 — Wideband Omnidirectional Antenna

BRKT-A028 — LPDA Polarization Flip Bracket

BRKT-A026 — LPDA Extension Mast

OMNI-C014-01 — Compact Wideband Fractal Antenna

OMNI-C010 — Extremely Wideband Fractal Antenna

ComRad3 — Multi-channel Receiver for FM Band Radar

SP4000L — High Capacity Storage Pod

SP4000C — High Speed Buffer Storage Pod

SKARAB — Extreme Scale FPGA Supercomputer

RS8 — Wideband HF & V/UHF Channel Simulator

RC66 — Combat Communications Software Suite

RC8 — ARQ Server and IP Controller

RM6-A — 2G ALE Controller and Data Modem

RM6-A — Data Modem and ALE Controller

RM8X4 — Quad Software Defined Modem

RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - Wideband HF

RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - V/UHF

RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - 3G ALE

RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - 2G ALE

RM8 — Software Defined Modem and ALE Controller - HF

RC50 — Email Communications Software Suite

RM4 — HF Data Modem & ALE Controller

RM2 — HF & V/UHF Data Modem

RA2 — Secure Voice Modem

RA5 — Secure Data Terminal with HF & V/UHF Modem

RAPTAWC SDV — Tactical Communications Demo Package

RAPTAWC Accessories — Cables Pouches Mounts and Handsets

RAPTAWC Gateway — Radio Network to Internet/SMS Gateway

RAPTAWC MessagePoint — Email Software for Radio Networks

RAPTAWC CommandPoint — Situational Awareness Software

RAPTAWC MIL — Secure Voice, Message & Position System

RT5 — Tactical Communications Terminal

OMNI-A0109 — High Gain L-Band Omni

OMNI-A0089 — Mobile S-Band Antenna

OMNI-A0086 — Mobile S-Band Antenna

OMNI-A0090 — Tri-Band GSM Antenna

OMNI-A0116 — High-Power Omni-Directional

OMNI-A0115 — Tri-Band GSM Antenna

OMNI-A0112 — Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0107 — Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0124 — Manpack VHF Antenna

OMNI-A0105 — Wideband Vehicle-Mount Antenna

OMNI-A0100 — Horizontally Polarized Omni-Directional Antenna

OMNI-A0098 — Active Monitoring Antenna

OMNI-A0092 — Wideband HF High-Power Antenna System

OMNI-A0091 — Data Link Antenna

OMNI-A0083 — Wideband Manpack Antenna

OMNI-A0082 — Covert Counter-IED Antenna

OMNI-A0099 — Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna

OMNI-A0081 — Compact VHF/UHF Omni Antenna

OMNI-A0075 and OMNI-A0134 —Tri-Band GSM Antenna

VCF400-470 — UHF Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

VCF380-430 — Mobile TETRA Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

UBS-6G — Universal Antenna Base with Built-In GPS Antenna

VCF225-420 — UHF Ground-Air/Ground-Ground Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

VCF136-174 — VHF Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

VCF115-175 — Ground-Air Marine Band Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

VCF30-108 — VHF Center-Fed Dipole Antenna

DF-A0088 — Rugged Wideband Direction Finding Antenna

DF-A0085 — Dual-Polarized Direction Finding Antenna Array

DF-A0068 — DF Antenna with Integrated Monitoring

DF-A0064 — High-Speed DF Antenna Band Switch

DF-A0063 — High-Speed DF Antenna Commutating Switch

UBS-4G — Universal Antenna Base-with Built-In GPS Antennaa

DF-A0062 — Direction Finding Antenna with Monitoring

DF-A0038 — Direction Finding Antenna with Monitoring

DF-A0058 — 5-Channel Band Switch with Omni Amplifiers

DF-A0056 — 3-Band 5-Channel DF Switch with Omni Amps

DF-A0054 — Four-band, Five-Channel DF Switch 1-6000 MHz

DF-A0052 — Three-band, 5 to 3 Channel DF Switch 1-3600 MHz

DF-A0049 — HF NVIS DF Antenna Element

DF-A0048 — HF Direction Finding Antenna

DF-A0047 — Handheld Direction Finding Antenna

UBS-4 — Universal Antenna Base, NATO 4 and 6 Hole

TW-A0003 — Man-Portable HF Directional Antenna

TW-A0002 — Man-Portable HF Directional Antenna

TAC-HF — HF Wideband Dipole Antenna and Mast System

SYST-A0005 — LPDA Marine Monitoring System with Rotator

RWD1000 — HF Wideband Dipole Antenna

RTM-xx — Telescopic Lightweight Mast Series

RTD2530 — HF Dipole Antenna

RSM-6 — Lightweight Mast - 6 Meters

DF-A0037 — Rugged Wideband DF Antenna

RLP100-500 — Log Periodic Dipole Array

RLP13-30 — Log Periodic Dipole Antenna

RLP10-30 — Log Periodic Dipole Array

DF-A0031 — Wideband Portable Direction Finding Antenna Array

RHF-6 — Spring Base for HF5M Mobile Whip Antenna

REF30-90 — Low-Profile End-Fed Whip Antenna

RDA30-90 — VHF Wire Discone Antenna

DF-A0029 — Wideband Portable DF Antenna Pod

RDB108-420 — High-Gain Dual Bicone Antenna

DF-A0001 — 5-Element Direction Finding Antenna

DF-A0015 — Active Adcock HF Direction Finding Array

DF-A0016 — HF DF Loop Array

DF-A0120 — Manpack or Mobile DF Antenna

DF-A0122 — Direction Finding and Monitoring Antenna

DF-A0020 — DF Antenna for L-S band

DF-A0115 — High Sensitivity HF DF Element

DF-A0114 — HF Dismounted DF Antenna

DF-A0111 — Compact Adcock DF Antenna

DF-A0100 — V/UHF Interferometer for DF

DF-A0097 — Tactical VLF/LF/MF Antenna Element

DF-A0095 — Wideband Portable DF Antenna

DF-A0086 — Fast DF Switch with DC Injection

DF-A0069 — Vehicle Adcock DF Antenna

BRKT-A022 — Universal Mounting Bracket

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