RC66 — Combat Communications Software Suite

The RC66 RapidM Combat Communications Suite provides the ability to send and receive emails efficiently and reliably over HF radio links and the...

RC50 — Email Communications Software Suite

RC50 Email Communications Suite software and a RapidM modem offers the ability to send and receive e-mails reliably over HF & V/UHF radio networks.

RAPTAWC Gateway — Radio Network to Internet/SMS Gateway

The RAPTAWC Gateway application software allows radio networks to be connected to fixed infrastructure such as Intranet Email and GSM SMS networks.

RAPTAWC MessagePoint — Email Software for Radio Networks

The RAPTAWC MessagePoint application software allows individuals to use their existing standard email clients to connect to the radio network. 

RAPTAWC CommandPoint — Situational Awareness Software

RAPTAWC CommandPoint is a situational awareness application for operational theater visualization, blue force tracking and communication.