WB2250H — Handheld VHF/UHF Monopole Antenna

WB2250H is a lightweight monopole antenna with tape radiator and TNC male connector for communication over 225 to 512 MHz that can handle 10W RMS...

WBCX512H — Manpack/Handheld Wideband Antenna

The WBCX512H is a lightweight manpack or handheld antenna for communications covering 118-512 MHz, with 16W RMS power handling.

TA30512H — V/UHF Handheld Tunable Adaptive Antenna

TA30512H is a handheld, tunable, adaptive antenna for 30-520 MHz based on fast band switching to affect impedance match at frequencies controlled...

WB30512H1 — Wideband Manpack/Handheld Antenna

WB30512H1 is a very compact handheld antenna which is particularly suited for portable applications within the 30 - 512 MHz frequency range, not...

MISC-A0095 — Non-conductive Quadpod

MISC-A0095 is an antenna quadpod designed for quick deployment of mobile antenna stations.

RA5 — Secure Data Terminal with HF & V/UHF Modem

The RA5 is an ultra-rugged data terminal that works with any HF/ VHF/UHF radio to provide secure data services such as email, chat, SMS and files...

RAPTAWC SDV — Tactical Communications Demo Package

RAPTAWC SDV tactical communications demo package provides all hardware and software for evaluation of RAPTAWC voice, data and position...

RAPTAWC Accessories — Cables Pouches Mounts and Handsets

A full set of RAPTAWC accessories are available to support effective deployments.

RAPTAWC Gateway — Radio Network to Internet/SMS Gateway

The RAPTAWC Gateway application software allows radio networks to be connected to fixed infrastructure such as Intranet Email and GSM SMS networks.

RAPTAWC MessagePoint — Email Software for Radio Networks

The RAPTAWC MessagePoint application software allows individuals to use their existing standard email clients to connect to the radio network. 

RAPTAWC CommandPoint — Situational Awareness Software

RAPTAWC CommandPoint is a situational awareness application for operational theater visualization, blue force tracking and communication. 

RAPTAWC MIL — Secure Voice, Message & Position System

RAPTAWC MIL offers secure voice data communications over mixed-vendor radio networks using embedded modem & cryptography protocols in the RAPTAWC...

RT5 — Tactical Communications Terminal

The RT5 is an ultra-rugged Tactical Terminal that works with any HF, VHF or UHF radio to provide secure voice, position and data messaging...

DF-A0047 — Handheld Direction Finding Antenna

DF-A0047 is a handheld directional antenna for direction finding and transmitter hunting from 9 kHz to 8500 MHz (when optional loop is attached).