Announcing: Cyntony and Doodle Labs

by David A Moschella on April 15, 2024
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Doodle Labs and Cyntony joining forces!

We're thrilled to announce another supplier relationship between Cyntony Corporation and Doodle Labs – a connection sure to supply next generation Mesh MANET networking comms equipment to system integrators seeking resilient low-latency and high data bandwidth communications in mission critical situations.  This new partnership expands our system integrator customers' toolkit to solve challenging problems national importance, with a commercial product solution for a fraction of the cost of similar MANET radios.

About Doodle Labs:

Doodle Labs is a global leader in dynamic, wireless communications solutions for commercial and federal applications. Doodle Labs designs and produces industrial-grade wireless networking solutions focusing on mesh networking for robotic and autonomous systems. 

The Products:

Doodle Labs provides high throughput, long-range Mesh Rider® Radio solutions for UAVs, UGVs, AMRs, mobile robotics, connected teams, government/defense and other applications. The business leverages an iterative R&D process and a customer-centric ethos to make breakthrough discoveries, then lean on nimble manufacturing practices to dependably deliver high-quality products at an accessible price-point.

Doodle Labs Mesh MANET Radios Lineup

An Enabler

As we move forward together, customers can expect to see exciting developments in Cyntony's product offerings, including custom solutions that integrate Doodle Labs radios with select technologies from other partners to meet the demanding needs of system integrators and end-users.


About Cyntony Corporation:

Cyntony is a leading distributor of cutting-edge antenna and RF electronics solutions from niche companies based on three continents.  We curate a large catalog of products tailored to meet specific needs of mostly EW customers.   Our suppliers and our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction set us apart.  Cyntony is proud to continue sourcing the finest specialized RF and antenna gear for defense and security customers.


How to Get in Touch:

For more information about Cyntony Corporation's partnership with Nextmove Technologies, or to learn more about our products and services, please explore our website or contact our team!