Decoding DF accuracy specs - a primer

by David A Moschella on September 28, 2015
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Direction Finding Antenna Performance

Direction finding antennas are complex devices, so it is surprising that some people try to boil their performance specs down to a single number.  This is nonsense, so be on the look out for simplistic descriptions and specifications, the details matter!

Alaris DF Antennas

Our technology providers at Alaris Antennas are expert in the design and manufacture of direction finding antennas. I've edited  our communications about DF accuracy, DF senstivity and DF calibration into a neat white paper that explains:

  • Large Signal Accuracy as the starting point to any accuracy discussion
  • How sensitivity of the antennas in the DF array is the ultimate arbiter
  • Approaches to characterizing the antenna system to create the array manifold.  

DF Antenna Calibration and Accuracy

We're talking about accuracy, so the game is a solid theoretical framework, good design and careful measurement. Alaris antenna has this covered as you'll see in the white paper. Click through to get your free copy.

Free DF Antenna Calibration White Paper

 Here's a view from the test platform at the Paardefontein National Test Range, an excellent facility in South Africa to make great measurements of direction finding antenna systems.