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by David A Moschella on February 27, 2023
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Cyntony prides itself on vetting our partner organizations fully -- and only working with the absolute top-tier of development and manufacturing firms. We believe our partners should be able to demonstrate their effectiveness, dedication to high-quality, and continued customer satisfaction, with ease.

Proving Partnership Worth

When it comes to showcasing the value of their business, companies who have dedicated themselves to quality can usually provide some, or all, of the following: 

  • Relevant case studies or white papers
  • Evidence of robust adoption of products in the marketplace
  • Documentation of longevity of their business

Case Studies

Case studies and white papers are generally displayed publicly on the business website. There may be more specific use case analyses available upon request for the products you are interested in.

It’s always good to have a reference point for the practical application of the product.

Product Adoption

Some suppliers may also be able to provide details about the overall adoption of their products – units sold, or currently in use; distribution across the globe; etc. You can generally trust the products that are being trusted by various organizations worldwide. 


Many of the most reputable suppliers have simply been doing business longer than their upstart counterparts. Businesses with a proven track record spanning decades generally have a reason for that success. And that reason, more often than not, is a dedication to excellence. 

It’s always worthwhile to be wary of newer companies that are promising more than their established counterparts – but if they can check all the other boxes described in our Choosing the Right Antenna Supplier guide, they just might be the next big thing.

(Cyntony’s suppliers have been in business for at least 25 years. Cyntony itself is 12 years old at the time of this writing.)

Cyntony Team

Cyntony partners with a select group of antenna and RF electronics suppliers from around the globe, to provide the highest quality RF solutions in the United States. We vet each supplier we work with, using the standards discussed in this free guide, to assure seamless sourcing, delivery, and support.

Our team of suppliers bring the best and brightest from around the globe together to provide the highest quality equipment available. Some of our suppliers are fully self-contained; researching, developing, manufacturing, and testing their products in-house. Others outsource the manufacturing to multiple production sites for faster time to market, and security through redundancy.

In either case, Cyntony and the individual companies assure a strict adherence to quality controls, documentation, and testing standards. Learn more about our partners here

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