Old-school radio's new digital lease on life

by David A Moschella on February 23, 2016
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Secure Digital Voice and Data Technology is Now Available in USA:

Cyntony is pleased to announce its appointment as a reseller of the tactical, governmental and naval/strategic modem hardware and software products and services from Rapid Mobile (Pty) Ltd of Pretoria, South Africa.   RapidM is a leading enabler of digital enhancements to old-paradigm analog radios.

Radios are primarily designed for analog voice transmit and receive.  Adding RapidM's software-defined modem technology, radios can provide :

  • Encrypted digital voice communication
  • Secure transmission of digital text, messages, SMS and e-mail
  • Channel optimization by 2G and 3G Automatic Link Establishment
  • Gateways to link HF/VHF radio nets to intranets, Internet and GSM networks

Press release excerpt:

“We are enthusiastic about working together with Cyntony to expand the RapidM presence in the USA.” says Karel Koster, Tactical Product Leader for RapidM. “Cyntony and RapidM share a passion for innovative communication solutions. Customers will certainly benefit from the experience and insight that Cyntony brings to the table.”


RT5 is an ultra-rugged Tactical Terminal that works with any HF or V/UHF radio to provide secure voice and data services.

Download the release