SKARAB Agile Extreme-Scale Networked FPGA Supercomputer Debuts at IEEE-HPEC 2015

by David A Moschella on February 23, 2016
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Originally published September 16, 2015

SKARAB FPGA Supercomputer

Cyntony and Peralex announce the demonstration of SKARAB, an agile extreme-scale networked FPGA supercomputer for applications such as network intrusion detection, genome bioinformatics, high frequency trading and deep learning. SKARAB offers full control of its computing infrastructure, enabling low-latency 40GbE communications, real-time reconfiguration, and highly power efficient operation.


The SKARAB FPGA supercomputer demonstration shows flawless operation at full rate 40 GbE through a network switch and periodic sub-second FPGA reconfiguration.   Only 40-50W is required to power the processing, networking and management functions.  

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