Antenna Materials Sourcing | What You Should Know

by David A Moschella on March 1, 2023
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When purchasing a military-grade antenna, consumers should be aware of the materials being used to ensure they meet the necessary specifications and standards for prolonged, high-performance use.

Antenna Materials

Considerations may include things like the type of metal used for the antenna itself, the quality of the soldering and connections, and the durability of the materials used in the construction of the antenna housing and other supporting components.

Additionally, it may be important to ensure that the antenna is compliant with any relevant regulations and standards, such as those set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States.

And of course, it's paramount to ensure that the antenna is manufactured by reputable company or supplier, with good customer reviews.

Supply Chain Certifications

The tricky part of vetting your antenna materials, is making sure the entire supply chain is compliant with your standards. 

In order to maintain safety and production standards, all components and materials involved must achieve set safety specifications. Top notch suppliers will assure that all materials suppliers and partner organizations also obtain ISO 9001 certification. 

New antenna models undergo extensive research and development to determine the best materials to use for the given application. Many of these products need to withstand extreme conditions, for extended periods of time. Assuring that all components are created with the high-quality materials specified will allow the antenna to achieve its desired performance.

International Concerns

With products and components being sourced from all over the world, in our current geopolitical environment it is important to note where components, materials, and products are coming from.

We strive to not only avoid conflict materials, but to avoid sourcing any materials along the supply chain from known, or potentially risky countries of origin, including China.

Whichever supplier you choose should be able to confirm that conflict resources and minerals are not in use, and are avoided throughout their supply chain. 

Information on the standards which partners and material suppliers are required to adhere is often available on the business website. If not, it would be good to inquire about. 

The physical materials in use are only part of the equation when it comes to sourcing the right antenna. Read on in our free guide to learn more.

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