Antenna Service and Delivery Standards

by David A Moschella on February 26, 2023
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When it comes to delivery times and service standards, not all antenna suppliers are created equal. Cyntony partners exclusively with providers we can trust -- so that we can pass that peace of mind on to our buyers.

Product Service

No matter which supplier you choose, in the event that a product needs to be serviced or repaired, a clear and straightforward process should be in place to provide prompt service. There should be an easy way to return a product for further analysis if issues arise. 

You should be able to locate and understand the supplier’s terms and conditions of sale, and how they relate to service, returns, and repairs. Some suppliers may offer a warranty as part of their terms of sale. Be sure to understand how this impacts future service, returns, and repairs as well. 

In the event that a product from Cyntony does not live up to your needs we are dedicated to resolving the situation to quickly get you back up and running.

Our suppliers are happy to work with us and our customers to assure that products perform to their utmost. Cyntony is careful to only work with suppliers who meet our high standards. (Contact us to learn more about our specific product warranties.) 

Customer Service

High-quality customer service is easy to identify when you see it. Established suppliers have the knowledge, skill, and capacity to provide collaborative customer service at all stages of the relationship.

Ideally, when you connect with a staff member, they will be focused on answering your questions and solving your problems – not just on selling you a product. 

The best suppliers can walk you through the process of researching, choosing, and implementing an RF solution – and continuing to be available for support after implementation. 

At Cyntony, we refer to this as our Customer-Attuned Collaboration Process. We’ll handle any info requests, customization needs, general questions, and sales calls with the same level of care and personal touch. We make ourselves available in a variety of ways – including email, phone, videoconference and online chat. 


Delivery of your antenna is one aspect that can be easily overlooked during the buying process–but is of utmost importance. A proven track record of timely and successful delivery is the most important indicator of future success.

There are many variables to consider throughout the supply chain, but well-established businesses with long-standing relationships throughout the industry will always have the best success rate. Individual delivery times may vary, but it’s more important to have a partner you can trust to ship your products safely, securely, and on time, than to choose whichever supplier promises the fastest delivery. 

Cyntony sources all of our products directly from the manufacturer. We utilize the highest security international air express services, or air freight services depending on the specifics of each order.

Our customers are given a choice of domestic delivery services for shipment from Cyntony within the United States. Clients are kept abreast of shipment information, and all orders from Cyntony are fully trackable on their journey in the USA. 


Cyntony understands the importance of choosing partners that view your success as their own. This is how we operate, and how we expect our partners to operate. Learn more about choosing a high-quality antenna supplier with our free guide.