Curating innovative electronics...from Africa?

by David A Moschella on September 10, 2015
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People are often surprised to find that many of the top-notch products we market and sell originate outside the USA.  We usually respond to the quizzical looks with a simple question:  'If you were developing innovative electronics and technology to sell to defense and security customers around the world, wouldn't you have to be the best in the world to compete effectively?'  Today we proudly announced that one of these world-class electronics companies, Peralex Electronics, has appointed Cyntony as worldwide distributor for their commercial products.  Peralex becomes the second product manufacturer from South Africa that we distribute products for.  

We curate sophisticated EW, SIGINT and COMMS products from afar because:

  • Designs are driven by globally derived requirements
  • Products fill important capability gaps and/or supply chain niches
  • Having to do more with less makes for robust, simpler solutions
  • Strong drive for product quality and innovation

South Africa's history during the apartheid years was predictive of the asymmetric warfare that the United States and coalition partners would face in the 21st century.   RCIEDs and countermeasures, both electronic and physical (such as the first MRAP, Caspir, pictured below) were developed indigenously out of necessity, long before their use in other conflict zones became commonplace. 



So although innovative electronics and defense products may be born in controversy and conflict, they can be integral to our security and safety...if they see the light of day outside their corner of the world.  

Click for the Peralex Announcement