Cyntony - what's in a name?

by David A Moschella on May 2, 2016
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Folks often ask me how the name Cyntony came about. The short answer: I favored a word, but it wasn't available as a URL. So I changed a letter and landed on a company name (and nice web address).

The Origin of Cyntony

The more interesting answer provides a glimpse into the early days of wireless telegraphy and the amazing radio technologies unleashed by physicists Hertz, Lodge and Marconi, who made practical the electromagnetic discoveries of Faraday and the theories of Maxwell.

Syntony was the term used in the late 19th century to describe when a transmitter and receiver were in resonance and well tuned to each other. Such 'syntonic wireless telegraphy' was all the rage in electronic science, engineering and intellectual property. Patent wars are by no means new.

Sir Oliver Lodge and Syntony

One of the pioneers was Sir Oliver Lodge, an English physicist, who favored creating resonant transmitting and receiving 'syntonizing' circuits connected to somewhat wideband antennas that radiated at specific frequencies as depicted in this 1898 Lodge patent diagram (USP 609154).


From a fascinating book about the early history of radio comes the following. "Harmony, resonance, syntony, or tuning--these are all words we use to describe the relationship between systems that vary together cyclically, that influence one another even though not in contact, that retain their separate identities while sharing a common mode of behavior."

Syntony to Cyntony

So syntony is a pretty cool word that informs the identity of our company and our approach to being of service to our customers--attuned to needs and working together to provide powerful interactions and outcomes. 

Let's chat about 'cyntonizing' your project.